Why the way we design our organizations depends heavily on the limitations of our tools, and how human interfaces signal the shape of a missing technical solution.
Why it's so hard to tell the truth and how Taylor Murphy tries anyway.
... and other data stories: where to wire up A/B tests, your first management experience, why Scrum is like the Kardashians, and yes, that NYTimes viz.
Why our organizational context inherently jeopardizes our role as truth-tellers. And some thoughts on what to do about it.
Get to know more about Tristan’s trajectory as a human, as a writer, and as CEO at dbt Labs.
What we learned from Coalesce 2021: why most data problems are about people, how to meet people where they are, and learning from open source to empower…
How much more stuff will be built on top of the modern data stack? And how will that impact each of us as practitioners?
Can streaming analytics allow analysts to facilitate better customer (like real, end customer) experiences?
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