The capabilities are impressive, but will this actually change your job?
How did datetime as a type come to be? And other factoids to use at your next data meetup.
Also: metrics playbooks, user journeys, the state of data testing, what new year resolutions have to do with OKRs and some cheerful data!
It's true, spending time with other people's kids is the best.
Also in this issue: what your SQL tells you about your organization, confusing motion and progress, and what software engineers can learn from data…
A must-listen if you're looking for a deeper understanding of the guts (file formats, chip design etc) of the data stack.
We linked, you clicked! 🖱️ It’s an Analytics Engineering Roundup holiday tradition to wrap the year with articles you’ve found the most interesting…
Some of my favorite technology strategists' takes on the implications of the newest LLM-meets-chatbot.
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