🎧 🆕 The Analytics Engineering Podcast

Conversations with data practitioners inventing the future of analytics engineering. The podcast is co-hosted by Tristan Handy and Julia Schottenstein, and published biweekly along with each edition of the Roundup newsletter.

Can streaming analytics allow analysts to facilitate better customer (like real, end customer) experiences?
David is Sr. Director of Data at Lyst, and as leader of their analytics + data science teams he has followed the evolution of data roles closely over t…
Julien has a unique history of building open frameworks that make data platforms interoperable. Why's he now turned his attention to data lineage metad…
Is the Modern Data Stack a real thing or just marketing buzz?
Seth has broken data Twitter many times, and in his early-fatherhood sleep deprivation developed a wonderful Twitter persona as the battle-tested data …
After listening to this episode, you’ll be rushing to implement a 'failure of the week' practice on your team.
Give your brain a stretch, and imagine the possibilities of a Google Docs-style real-time collaborative workflow for data analysis projects.
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