🎉 🥳🥂 Data Science Roundup Top 10 Posts of 2020 [DSR #242]

…we made it. See you later, 2020. This has certainly been in the top three hardest years of my life, and I’m quite happy to put it in the rear view mirror. That said, there’s nothing magical about January 1st, and we have a LOT of work to do before we solve the challenges that 2020 brought into such stark relief. So…I’m happy to turn the page and looking optimistically into the future, but am certainly aware of the challenges and risks ahead.

2020 certainly demonstrated just how critical cherished personal relationships are—without them, little else matters. And so I just want to thank everyone reading this for welcoming me into your inboxes every two weeks, for your kind notes, for the connection to other humans that writing this newsletter has given me over the course of the year. It is, as always, an honor and a privilege.

Here’s to new beginnings

- Tristan

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This year's best data science articles

  1. Emerging Architectures for Modern Data Infrastructure

  2. Coronavirus, a Visual Rundown

  3. Cultivating Algorithms

  4. Resilience and Vibrancy: The 2020 Data & AI Landscape

  5. Organizing Data Teams — Where to Make The Cut

  6. Multi-Armed Bandits and the Stitch Fix Experimentation Platform

  7. Dashboards are Dead

  8. Nitpicking Machine Learning Technical Debt

  9. Data Orchestration — A Primer

  10. The Modern Data Stack: Past, Present, and Future

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