🎉 🥳🥂 Data Science Roundup Top 20 Posts of 2019 [DSR #211]

Well that’s a wrap! Another fun year curating the Data Science Roundup. As always, thanks for welcoming me into your inbox every weekend, it’s a real privilege and one I do not take lightly.

Looking back on 2019, the content being produced by the data community continues to be more mature and thoughtful than ever. Your favorite links of the year weren’t listicles and simplistic how-to content, they were thought-provoking articles by some of the smartest minds in the space. I’m glad that’s what you’re interested in, because it’s what I’m interested in (and seeking out!) as well.

Happy New Year and best wishes in 2020!

- Tristan

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This year's best data science articles

  1. Miscellaneous unsolicited (and possibly biased) career advice

  2. Why I’m Leaving Data

  3. Data science is different now

  4. 10 Reads for Data Scientists Getting Started with Business Models

  5. We’re All Using Airflow Wrong and How to Fix It

  6. Advice for New Data Scientists

  7. Gartner Reveals Five Major Trends Shaping the Evolution of Analytics and Business Intelligence

  8. How Much Do Data Scientists Make?

  9. A wave of acquisitions in business intelligence

  10. Resources for Analytics Engineers

  11. How should I structure my data team? A look inside HubSpot, Away, M.M. LaFleur, and more

  12. Becoming a Level 3.0 Data Scientist

  13. Open Sourcing Amundsen: A Data Discovery And Metadata Platform

  14. Does my startup data team need a data engineer?

  15. Engineering Career Development at Etsy

  16. The Data Tooling Market in 2019

  17. We’re still in the steam-powered days of machine learning

  18. Top 10 Coding Mistakes Made by Data Scientists

  19. Modeling conversion rates and saving millions of dollars using Kaplan-Meier and gamma distributions

  20. For Data Warehouse Performance, One Big Table or Star Schema?

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By Tristan Handy

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