Tableau >> Salesforce, Looker >> Google. What a week! [DSR #189]

A bit of an atypical issue this week—I just had to get this out there today given this morning’s news! Back to our regularly scheduled programming this weekend.

A Wave of Acquisitions in Business Intelligence

Holy crap! Within the past week we’ve seen the acquisitions of the two biggest players in the modern BI landscape, Looker (announcement) and Tableau (announcement). And if you broaden your view to the entire analytics tech stack, it’s bigger: here are the major acquisitions I’ve tracked over the past year:

  • Stitch. Acquired by Talend on 11/7/2018 for $60m.

  • Alooma. Acquired by Google on 2/19/19 for an undisclosed amount.

  • Periscope. Acquired by Sisense on 5/14/19 for an undisclosed amount.

  • Looker. Acquired by Google on 6/6/19 for $2.6b.

  • Tableau. Acquired by Salesforce on 6/10/19 for $15.7b.

Why is this happening? What does it mean about the future of the stack? This article contains my best thoughts on what’s happening in the space as it goes through some pretty seismic shifts.

How do these acquisitions impact you? Very curious to hear your thoughts!


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