The Top 10 Data Science Links of 2017. [DSR #117]

It’s been a hell of a year in data. As promised, here are your top links of 2017, ranked by number of clicks.

As a group, you clearly care about the practical: almost every post focuses on a how-to. Apparently you like “thought leadership” content just about as much as I do.

Thanks for an amazing 2017; it’s been a privilege to be in your inbox every week. If you’d like to pay it forwards, please share this issue with friends and coworkers! 🙏

See you in 2018!

- Tristan

#1: The 10 Statistical Techniques Data Scientists Need to Master


#2: How to Become a Data Scientist


#3: Communication in Data Science


#4: A Collection of Interesting, Subtle, and Tricky Python Snippets


#5: The Startup Founder’s Guide to Analytics


#6: Seeing Theory: A Visual Introduction to Probability and Statistics


#7: 6 Books Every Data Scientist Should Keep Nearby


#8: How You Battle the "Data Wheel of Death"


#9: How to Job Interview a Data Scientist


#10: Spotify’s Discover Weekly: How Machine Learning Finds Your New Music


#11 (Bonus): I am not a real data scientist.

…because it’s just so important.


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By Tristan Handy

The internet's most useful data science articles. Curated with ❤️ by Tristan Handy.

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