Seth has broken data Twitter many times, and in his early-fatherhood sleep deprivation developed a wonderful Twitter persona as the battle-tested data …
After listening to this episode, you’ll be rushing to implement a 'failure of the week' practice on your team.
Give your brain a stretch, and imagine the possibilities of a Google Docs-style real-time collaborative workflow for data analysis projects.
Erik wrote that we’re in for a “reorganization of the factory,” a shift in the way we build data products. What should be reorganized, and where will i…
Get to know co-host Julia Schottenstein, from her toddler-age ambitions to become a "computer tycoon" to her current role as PM at dbt Labs.
Dive with Brian into the world of experimentation at Stitch Fix, and learn how they execute experiments even with limited data.
Step with Venkat into a world where data is always fresh, queries run in 1ms, and analytics engineers build web-scale, real-time data apps.
Robert's team at Airbnb built Minerva to track over 12,000(!) metrics and 4,000(!) dimensions with consistency. How'd they do it?