Listen & subscribe from: Spotify Apple Podcasts Google Podcasts Stitcher TuneIn RSS feed Key points from Katie in this episode: Why do you think data…
As Head of Analytics at Clearbit, Julie serves as a data team of one in a 200+ person company (wow!). In this conversation with Tristan and Julia, Julie…
Flipping the vision for "data apps" on its head: what if, instead of having data run round trips to a cloud data warehouse, we just bring the user's…
What even *is* a data platform? Is it time yet for analysts to build ML models?
Aaron is a long-time operator in open-source software, previously being Salesforce Enterprise Sales’ VP and Elastic’s CRO. Now, he leads ClickHouse to…
Diving into the possibilities of distributed query engines + the data mesh architecture with Justin Borgman of Trino / Starburst.
What human-in-the-loop AI looks like in practice, with Amit Prakash of Thoughtspot.
Sarah's a huge fan of Terraform + other config-as-code methods, and maybe you should be too.
Data observability is really a mashup of many complex problems - how much of it can truly be automated? How much is just enough?
Can Tristan, Benn and David make any sense of this very open question?
Jon "Natty" Natkins of dbt Labs helps untangle the explosion of new database options that that have emerged in the past decade.
Much like the Godfather, the SQL season will be better than the original