We've walked 500 miles, and have 500 more to go
Brad Culberson is a Principal Architect in the Field CTO’s office at Snowflake. Niall Woodward is a data engineer who is a co-founder of Select, a…
Structure versus Process
Tristan, Nick and Drew discussing the future of the dbt Semantic Layer.
Plus: dbt syntax; the state of analytics engineering in 2023; a side of AI
or why I can't wait to be able to declare data incidents

February 2023

What can a post with some lighthearted poems teach us about the data community today?
Precise truth is critical for business questions in a way that it's not for a consumer search query. How will new types of applications solve for that?
Dispatches from GenAI and what AI could mean for data teams
Plus: Directing the attention of large organizations.
Should you be using it in your work? Probably not! But we have big incentives as a society to make more datasets open to research.
Managing data complexity with orchestration that happens at the rhythm of your business