How did datetime as a type come to be? And other factoids to use at your next data meetup.
A must-listen if you're looking for a deeper understanding of the guts (file formats, chip design etc) of the data stack.

December 2022

How to build a product experimentation program that doesn't run out of gas?
Stephen joins Tristan for a live follow-up conversation to Stephen’s Coalesce talk, “Excel at nothing: how to be an effective generalist."

November 2022

WARNING: This episode contains in-depth discussion of data contracts. Are they a solve for the collaboration challenges between producers + consumers…
Demistifying what data growth work looks like in practice, from a practitioner who's led both functions at multiple companies.

July 2022

Listen & subscribe from: Spotify Apple Podcasts Google Podcasts Stitcher TuneIn RSS feed Key points from Katie in this episode: Why do you think data…
As Head of Analytics at Clearbit, Julie serves as a data team of one in a 200+ person company (wow!). In this conversation with Tristan and Julia, Julie…
Flipping the vision for "data apps" on its head: what if, instead of having data run round trips to a cloud data warehouse, we just bring the user's…

June 2022

What even *is* a data platform? Is it time yet for analysts to build ML models?
Aaron is a long-time operator in open-source software, previously being Salesforce Enterprise Sales’ VP and Elastic’s CRO. Now, he leads ClickHouse to…

May 2022

Diving into the possibilities of distributed query engines + the data mesh architecture with Justin Borgman of Trino / Starburst.