Sitemap - 2023 - The Analytics Engineering Roundup

Should we even care about using LLMs to query enterprise data?

Optimism and "Green Shoots"

Ep 55: Data Mesh Architecture at Large Enterprises (w/ Moritz Heimpel and Ben Flusberg)

Semantic Layer as the Data Interface for LLMs

Ep 54: Data Vault and Enterprise Data Modeling (w/ Brandon Taylor and Michael Olschimke)

My first week with the new dbt.

Ep 53: Navigating AI Complexity (w/ Jonathan Frankle of MosaicML)

Three missions for the Community

And that's a wrap!

EP 52: Career growth in data roles (w/ Hubspot's Kasey Mazza at Coalesce 2023)

Ep 51: Operationalizing your warehouse, streaming analytics, and cereal (w/ Arjun Narayan of Materialize and Nathan Bean of General Mills)

America's Next Topological Model

Ep 50: Roche’s Data Transformation Journey (w/ Yannick Misteli)

Becoming Pangea

Ep 49: The State of Databases Today (w/ Andy Pavlo - CEO of OtterTune)

Ep 48: Bring your own data to LLMs (w/ Jerry Liu of LlamaIndex)

I unknowingly built a (bad) Semantic Layer in 2018

Ep 47: Ramp's $8 billion data strategy (w/ Ian Macomber and Ryan Delgado)

Reading the Clouds. Llama 2 and Licensing.

problem exists between database and user

Ep 46: dbt Labs on dbt (w/ Daniel Le)

For the love of the game

Ep 45: The arc of data innovation (w/ Bob Muglia, former CEO of Snowflake)

How to break your data

Twin Peaks

Learning to fall

You Need More Metrics.

The Cultural Context of Data

Fabric: is it just semantics?

The real liability of data at scale

Winners and losers when you change a metric

Is OSS the future of AI?

Making numbers match

The Threads Converge - the shaping of dbt multi-projects

Ep 44: Fun with Differential Privacy (w/ Ian Coe of + Abhishek Bhowmick of Samooha)

OS layer not application layer - how data teams actually drive value

dbt-excel. A Symposium on Orchestration.

Ep 43: Julia, Pedram Navid + Taylor Murphy recap Data Council

Can we just be lazy already?

Analytics and the craft of software engineering

Ep 42: Cloud Warehouse Cost Optimization (w/ Niall Woodward + Brad Culberson)

Lessons from the warehouse

Ep 41: dbt Labs + Transform join forces on metrics (w/ Nick Handel + Drew Banin)

Two ways of measuring data team value

Data "downtime"

Values, community, and public performance.

Ep 40: What can generative AI do for data people? (w/ Sarah Nagy & Chris Aberger)

Analytics Intelligence Everywhere

Big Data is Dead.

Ep 39: 3rd party data and you (w/ Auren Hoffman)

How to build a resilient DAG

LLM Implications on Analytics (and Analysts!)

Ep38: A romp through database history (w/ Postgres co-creator Mike Stonebraker + Andy Palmer)

Becoming an impact-oriented data team

Stories of and about data

There is no right way to build a data team

Ep 37: What does Apache Arrow unlock for analytics? (w/ Wes McKinney)

The Roundup roundup: 2022 Edition