Sitemap - 2020 - The Analytics Engineering Roundup

Timnit Gebru. Organizing Data Teams. OpenLineage. Disappearing Data. [DSR #241]

The Modern Data Stack. Data Intuition. Selective Queries on Snowflake. Amundsen Commercialization. [DSR #240]

The Data Quality Issue. Shopify's dbt Extensions. A Data Engineer's Roadmap. [DSR #239]

ML @ Monzo. Dagster + dbt. Detecting Colors & Sign Language Detection. Data Discovery @ Facebook. [DSR #238]

Modern Data Infrastructure. "Upskilling" Analysts. Data Team Org Structures. Bolt-On AI. [DSR #237]

2020 State of Data & AI (x2) Pandemic Emoji Usage. Lean Data Science. We're All Software Engineers. [DSR #236]

Data Cleaning. Evil Data Scientists. Intake Forms. TensorBase is Fast. Apache Arrow. [DSR #235]

Orchestration. Multi-Armed Bandits. Knowledge Sharing. Getting your Data Back Out. [DSR #234]

Orchestration with Dagster. End-to-End Data Scientists. Snowflake's S-1. Experimentation @ Stitch Fix. [DSR #233]

Git for Data. AI Overhang? Metadata @ Shopify. Data Clinics. Tools I'm Watching. [DSR #232]

GPT-3 in the Wild. Dashboards are Dead. Momentum on Streaming. Managing Cost @ Netflix, PII @ Square. [DSR #231]

BigQuery Omni. WFH --> Self-Service Analytics. Data Science Management. The Rise of Data Ops. [DSR #230]

Four Years of Fishtown! Data @ Shopify. ML on the Shelf. ML Tool Survey. [DSR #229]

The Analytics Engineer. Code > GUIs. Dask. Feature Stores. BERT and Sentence Structure. [DSR #228]

#BlackLivesMatter ✊🏿✊🏽✊🏻. Proficiency vs. Creativity. Serving ML Models in Production. Joins in Druid. Designing Metrics. [DSR #227]

AI and Efficiency. 25 ML Best Practices. Data Quality @ Uber. Beekeeper. The Fragility of ML. [DSR #226]

Google TAPAS. The Data Science Job Market. Tecton. Data Science @ Lyft. Pinot Supports SQL. [DSR #225]

Honesty in Pandemic Modeling. OpenAI Microscope. Analytic Indices? Lossless Image Compression via DL. [DSR #224]

Data Science Reality != Expectations. Proxy Metrics @ Netflix. Dolt. An Introduction to Circuits. [DSR #223]

The Data Science Roundup on Coronavirus. [DSR #222]

COVID-19 Cohorts in Log Scale. Why is dbt Important? The Publication Process in ML. Visual SQL. [DSR #221]

Org Structure @ Stitch Fix. Data Discovery @ Spotify. Druid, Clickhouse, & Pinot. A16Z on AI Startups. [DSR #220]

Five Data Eng Projects. OpenAI's Twists and Turns. The Next Decade in AI. [DSR #219]

Growing the GitLab Data Team. Sketching. Long-Range Memory. Decision-making. [DSR #218]

A Decade in Tech. SciPy. Network Pruning. ML @ Spotify. Coronavirus. [DSR #217]

Data Analyst Communities and Hats. OpenAI & PyTorch. Football Dataviz. Open Data License Headaches. [DSR #216]

Observability in Data Eng. Career Ladders. Leading Commas FTW. Freelancing. [DSR #215]

Data Organizational Complexity. The Enterprise Tech Landscape. Tracking Pixels. Skewed Data. [DSR #214]

Data Career Ladders. Explaining Conversion Rates. Ray. Spotify's ML Infra. [DSR #213]

The Year in AI. Better Career Decisions. Oversimplify. Forgetting User Data. Anonymizing PII in Free Text Fields. [DSR #212]