Sitemap - 2019 - The Analytics Engineering Roundup

🎉 🥳🥂 Data Science Roundup Top 20 Posts of 2019 [DSR #211]

Real-time Materialized Views. ML Systems Design. Mastering the Phone Screen. BERT @ Google. [DSR #210]

Metaflow. "Why I'm Leaving Data." NYT Data Viz. SQL. Writing Clean Python. [DSR #209]

Steam-powered ML. Jeff Dean. AI Job Impacts. Model size. Data org maturity. [DSR #208]

A/B Test Interference. Quantum Supremacy. Too Many F#$%ing Dashboards. Data Quality. [DSR #207]

Getting a PhD. Measuring Intelligence. Taking Notes. Event Delivery @ Spotify. [DSR #206]

Amundsen's Launch. Scaling a Data Team. Resampling. Evolutionary Algorithms. Open Source Segment? [DSR #205]

Data team structure. Cloud Data Management. GDPR. More Polynote(!). AI Talking Trash. [DSR #204]

Arrow Flight. Polynote. 2019 Coding Salaries. Glue Work in Analytics. The Importance of Data Analysts. [DSR #203]

PyTorch vs. TensorFlow. Analytics Engineering. Near-Real-Time ELT. Postgres 12. Snowflake MVs. [DSR #202]

Gartner BI Hype Cycle. A/B Testing. EXIF. Astrophysicists. Tiny Language Models. [DSR #201]

Issue #200 🥳🎉! Streamlit. Etsy's Engineering Career Ladder. RFCs in Analytics? [DSR #200]

Career Advice. Scaling a Mature Data Pipeline. Deepfake Detection. Presto. Logs. [DSR #199]

Delivering Analytics on Time. WePay Waltz. DS/DE Collaboration. Data Science is Boring(??) [DSR #198]

Airflow on Kubernetes. Procella @ Google. Analytics Engineering. Type-2 SCDs. Drug Discovery. [DSR #197]

Managing Data Scientists. Linkedin DataHub. Faster Machine Learning. Optimizing Queries. Presto. [DSR #196]

Salaries in Data Science. Hiring an Analytics Engineer. The Future of Data Eng. FDA for Algorithms? [DSR #195]

Survival Analysis @ Better. Presto @ Pinterest. Dagster. Data Science in Organizations (a two-fer). [DSR #194]

Prefect. Airflow @ Lyft. Brooklin @ Linkedin. Data Warehouse Organizing Principles. Sampling Algos. [DSR #193]

State of AI 2019. Parsing 25 TB in AWK & R(?!) Python @ Netflix. TPUs. [DSR #192]

Huge Jupyter Announcement. Getting Hired: What Most Junior Data Scientists Do Wrong. Things You Don't Need. [DSR #191]

Mapping Pedestrians. Hadoop's Failure. AI's Carbon Footprint. Efficient Neural Networks at Google. [DSR #190]

Tableau >> Salesforce, Looker >> Google. What a week! [DSR #189]

10 Must-Read Business Strategy Posts. Data Lineage @ Netflix. ML Infra @ Stripe. [DSR #188]

ETL @ StitchFix. DS Career Progression. Advice from a DS @ Lyft. Semi-Supervised Learning. [DSR #187]

Being Glue. Testing for "Not Being Worse". Hyper-Scale Cloud Growth. Fast-Response Object Detection. [DSR #186]

How Prophet Works. Mobile Data Viz. ZetaSQL. Delta Lake. [DSR #185]

DataCamp. Training NNs. Top 10 DS Coding Mistakes. Constructing KPIs. [DSR #184]

Data Quality @ Intuit. Discovery @ Lyft. Integrating Models into Real-World Systems. Death By Experiment. [DSR #183]

Google Cloud Next. Learning Curves. Plotly Express. XGBoost. Snowpipe. [DSR #182]

Deep Learning Framework Growth. Why Job Postings Suck. Fraud Detection. Warby's A/R. [DSR #181]

Wide Tables or Star Schemas? The Turing Award. Data Science @ Uber. Geo Experiments in Marketing. [DSR #180]

Recommendations for Aspiring Data Scientists. SQL Interviews @ the NYTimes. Your AI-Designed LBD. [DSR #179]

Generalists or Specialists? Transformer Models. Time to Migrate your PDTs. Designing Resilient KPIs. [DSR #178]

TensorFlow Lite. General-Purpose Language Models. Excel(!?). SQL Data Pipelines. [DSR #177]

Model-Based RL @ Google. JupyterLab. Deep Learning Hardware. A Brewery Tour. [DSR #176]

To Self-Serve or Not to Self-Serve? DS in Production. Google Acquires Alooma. [DSR #175]

Data Science is Different Now. DS in Startups. Job Applications. Podcasts. [DSR #174]

The AI 100. Behavioral Science @ Uber. Argparse. Minimally Sufficient Pandas. [DSR #173]

GPU Databases(!!) Analytics Engineering. ML Project Management. NLP. [DSR #172]

Hiring. Getting Hired. The History of Postgres. Deep Learning for Coders. Kubeflow. [DSR #171]

Data Ops. The Importance of "Gut". Curiosity. Model Exploration at Uber. [DSR #170]

Creating a Data Roadmap. ML Engineering. Plotly. Reliable Events. Airflow. [DSR #169]

Do I need a Data Engineer? ML Trends for 2019. AI in VR @ Facebook. Counting Solar Panels. [DSR #168]