Sitemap - 2021 - The Analytics Engineering Roundup

Saying true things is hard.

Ep 20: Tristan on the Hot Seat

It is people. It is people. It is people.

How big is this wave?

Ep 12: Bringing Streaming Data to Analysts w/ DeVaris Brown

Iterating on your data team

Data expertise everywhere.

Ep 11: Should great data people become managers or not? w/ David Jayatillake of Lyst

Modern data spaghetti. Brave data decisions. Data work ROI.

Decision Speed and One-Way Doors.

Ep 10: Why Data Lineage Matters w/ Julien Le Dem of OpenLineage

What's haunting your data warehouse?

Lots going on!! Metrics, Malloy, Sanity Checks, CTEs, and Making Good Decisions.

Ep 9: Friday Night (Data) Fights w/ Benn Stancil of Mode Analytics

LookML + Tableau. The metrics layer. Don't blame the customer.

Devops and the Modern Data Experience

Ep 8: Seth Rosen (Founder @ TopCoat + HashPath) on Becoming a Full-stack Data Analyst

A Recipe for Data Intuition

From Rows to People

Ep7: Brittany Bennett on Training the Next Generation of ‘Data for Good’ Practitioners @ Sunrise Movement

Your Data PM is not a panacea

Analytics is a Profession.

Ep 6: Caitlin Colgrove (CTO @ Hex) on the Magic of Building Data Apps Instead of Reports

Quasi-mystical arts of data & the modern data experience.

Data Mesh, Contracts, and Distributed Ownership.

Ep 5: Erik Bernhardsson on the Missing Tool in the Data Team's Toolbox

13 Questions. Specialization in the Data Team. Literate Programming. Data Catalogs. [#258]

Ep 4: Co-host Julia on the Hot Seat

Purple People! The Impact of Analysts. Management Seat Time. AlphaFold.

Ep 3: Brian Amadio On Experimentation @ Stitch Fix

The Magic of the Analyst. Fictional (but all-too-real) Data Teams. Technology is Not the Hard Part. [#256]

Ep 2: Venkat Venkataramani of Rockset on the Future of Real-time Analytics

New Podcast! Why Frameworks Matter. Firebolt's Fundraise. Metrics @ Pinterest. [#255]

Ep 1: Robert Chang on Scaling Metrics @ Airbnb

A New Name! Confluent. How to build a data company. Data Education. Break the rules! [#254]

Prioritizing Data Work. Focus on: Data Products! (Databricks, Firebolt, Airbyte, Continual...) [DSR #253]

Analytics is a Mess. Good DS, Bad DS. Analytics Engineering vs. Data Engineering. Understanding the Optimizer. [DSR #252]

Airbnb's Metrics Store. Plotting in Code. Systems Design (and Company Strategy!) in ML. [DSR #251]

The Metrics Layer. Speculative Fiction. What's Happening in a NN? Rockset. Open BI. Data-as-a-Product. [DSR #250]

Meltano's Singer SDK. Why Choose Open? Developing Junior Talent. Idempotence. The Grind. [DSR #249]

Data Culture @ Uber. How Things Work. Apprenticeship. GPT-3 Applications. [DSR #248]

Druid @ Reddit. Principles for Building a Data Catalog. Third-Party Cookies. AI Power Dynamics. [DSR #247]

Data Timeliness. Materialized Views. Reverse ETL. CONNECT BY. Communicating About Data. [DSR #246]

Why is it hard to be data-driven? ML Contracts. Superset at Scale. Quasi-Experiments. Databricks. [DSR #245]

Experimental Guardrails. Capital Markets for Data Products. DALL-E. Dashboard UX. RBAC(!?) [DSR #244]

Real-time ML. MLOps Tooling. The Analytics Engineer. Operationalizing AI Ethics. [DSR #243]

🎉 🥳🥂 Data Science Roundup Top 10 Posts of 2020 [DSR #242]