Sitemap - 2017 - The Analytics Engineering Roundup

The Top 10 Data Science Links of 2017. [DSR #117]

What's Next in Analytics Tech. ML @ Spotify. Developing Talent. [DSR #116]

Modular Analytics. Top 10 AI Trends of 2018. Data Science @ Warby Parker. Deep Learning IRL. [DSR #115]

Your 2018 Conference List. SageMaker. Docker. Dashboard Design @ Instagram. [DSR #114]

Communication in Data Science. NumPy. Accountability in AI. Happy Thanksgiving! [DSR #113]

Software 2.0. Five Essential ML Algorithms. Data Science @ TensorFlow Lite. [DSR #112]

10 Statistical Techniques You Need to Know. Full Stack Data Science. Migration. [DSR #111]

The State of Data Science Survey. Stream Processing. New Research from OpenAI. [DSR #110]

A/B Testing @ Stack Overflow. Interviewing Data Scientists. Testing ML. [DSR #109]

Getting hired. Data warehouse benchmarks & upgrades. dbt. Learning math. [DSR #108]

Data in Tech: Insights from Spotify, Airbnb, Instacart, Zulily, Soundcloud, and Lyft [DSR #107]

12 Ways to F*** up your A/B Test. Open Data. Visualizing Time and Space. [DSR #105]

Apache Arrow: the Future of Data Science? Data Science in Academia. Web Scraping. [DSR #105]

Kafka @ the NYT. Data Quality and Outlier Detection. Security in the era of Equifax. [DSR #104]

Are you a Real Data Scientist? The next ten Starbucks in NYC. Communicating Uncertainty. [DSR #103]

Broken Neural Networks, Real-Time SQL, & the State of the Data Science Industry [DSR #102]

Python Overtakes R, Natural Disasters in Data, Inside Google Brain, & The Rise of Data Comics [DSR #101]

Becoming an ML Engineer, Screwing up SQL, & a Great Intro to SVM [DSR #100]

New Deep Learning Architectures, GPU Databases, Histograms, & more! πŸ‘€ [DSR #99]

How to Become a Data Scientist. Plus, DOTA, Subways, Python as Poetry & more! [DSR #98]

The AI Hierarchy of Needs, Modern Programming, and Bat Detectors [DSR #97]

SparkR, Query Optimization, xkcd, and ML in Financial Markets [DSR #96]

An ML Pipeline from Airbnb, Scalable Data Eng from Thumbtack, & Smart SQL [DSR #95]

3 Ways to Screw Yourself With ML, Data PMs, & More! [Data Science Roundup #94]

Data Science Roundup #93: Women in Data, Viz @ Instacart, Modular SQL @ Stitch Fix, and more!

Data Science Roundup #92: Taking a Break!

Data Science Roundup #91: Paradoxes, empathy, and lower entry-level salaries(!?)

Data Science Roundup #90: Research from DeepMind, Conversion Rates, and Anomaly Detection!

Data Science Roundup #89: Relational Networks, Narrative Fallacy, Wine Pairings & more!

Data Science Roundup #88: Airbnb's Data University, Sample Bias, AlphaGo & SparkR

Data Science Roundup #87: Improving your Productivity, AutoML, and the Growth of Python

Data Science Roundup #86: AI in Medicine, Opportunity Sizing @ Etsy & Deep Learning Advice.

Data Science Roundup #85: Experimentation @ Airbnb, Timelines @ Twitter, Data from Instacart

Data Science Roundup #84: How to Build your Data Team, 2 ML Products & an Intro to Spatial Algos

Data Science Roundup #83: OCR @ Dropbox, The Nature of Knowledge, Data Validation & more!

Data Science Roundup #82: "Statsplaining", NBA Fouls, and Effective Data Engineering Teams!

Data Science Roundup #81: Curating the Linkedin Feed, Trends in Machine Learning, and some Data Eng 😌 😌

Data Science Roundup #80: Momentum, the Sentiment Neuron, and ML for Product Managers!

Data Science Roundup #79: Complete Guide to Startup Analytics, Why People are Leaving Data Viz, & more!

Data Science Roundup #78: Big Week! Analyzing /r/The_Donald, Writing Good Code, & much more!

Data Science Roundup #77: Artificial Agents Create Their Own Language, Annotated Audio Data, & more!

Data Science Roundup #76: Google buys Kaggle, AutoML, and 3 Great Posts on Hiring!

Data Science Roundup #75: Diagnosing Cancer with Deep Learning, Open Source ETL with Singer, and more!

Data Science Roundup #74: Forecasting at Scale @ Facebook, the SHA1 Attack, and more!

Data Science Roundup #73: TensorFlow, Real-Time Alerting, and a Firehose of New Posts

Data Science Roundup #72: Data Viz, Intro to LDA, and Pizzagate!

Data Science Roundup #71: The Best Job in America, Rules for Strong AI, and some Really Boring Stuff

Data Science Roundup #70: The Rise of the Data Engineer, GPUs, and Some Amazing Data Viz

Data Science Roundup #69: Machine Learning @ Google, Focus on Recommenders & more!

Data Science Roundup #68: Advice from Your Peers! Plus, AI Takes over Poker.

Data Science Roundup #67: Focus on Deep Learning! Plus: The 10 Best Data Viz Projects of 2016

Data Science Roundup #66: The 6 Top Data Science Articles from 2016