Sitemap - 2018 - The Analytics Engineering Roundup

The Top 10 Links of 2018. [DSR #167]

AI Index. Parallelization of Model Training. Third Wave Data Viz. XKCD. [DSR #166]

The State of Deep Learning. Predicting Grocery Availability @ Instacart. Speed Matters. [DSR #165]

Pre-Training NLP Models. Amazon ML Certification. Graph Theory. Planning Data Science Sprints. [DSR #164]

AI Adoption Survey. Better Python Charts. Data Dictionaries. [DSR #163]

Seasonality @ Lyft. Bandits @ Stitch Fix. Data Testing. Hiring for SQL. Retail Calendars. [DSR #162]

Stitch >> Talend. Functional Data Engineering. Don't be a Generalist. featexp. [DSR #161]

Google AdaNet: Automating Ensembles. Growing ICs into Managers @ Lyft. Building Fast Models @ Taboola. [DSR #160]

100s of PBs @ Uber. 5 Stat Concepts. KPIs @ Airbnb. A Massive Border Flyover. My Little Ponies. [DSR #159]

Distributing Data Globally @ Facebook. Google Pixel 3. Don't Follow the Herd. [DSR #158]

Engineering Career Paths. Peeking at Etsy. Uncertainty Estimates. CLI Apps. [DSR #157]

SEO Experimentation @ Airbnb. AI Safety @ DeepMind. Hexagons(!?) Building Your Own GPU Rig. [DSR #156]

Forecasting at Uber. Reproducible ML. Optimizers on AI. Column-Store Databases. GDPR. [DSR #155]

Deep Learning Popularity. Privacy @ Spotify. A/B Testing Research from Facebook. Learning DS on a Budget. [DSR #154]

11 Reasons Notebooks Suck. Tuning Redshift Performance. Code as Configuration. [DSR #153]

Scaling Knowledge. 5 Tips for Better DS Writing. Infrastructure @ Stitch Fix. New Data on DS Jobs. [DSR #152]

Marketing Analytics @ Instagram. PhD: Yes or No? Knowledge Dissemination @ Uber. [DSR #151]

Machine Learning Cheatsheet! Change Data Capture @ Airbnb. Devops. Two Fascinating Visualizations. [DSR #150]

Notebooks at Netflix. A/B Testing @ Etsy. Publishing Your Work. [DSR #149]

Dataviz Cheatsheet. Blind Spots. Feature Engineering. The Smile Curve. Building Your Brain Trust. [DSR #148]

Learning Dexterity. Data Ethics. Black Box Models. Land Usage. [DSR #147]

Getting Hired. Data Scientists at Airbnb. ML in Bigquery. Tufte-Worthy Charts in R. [DSR #146]

The 2018 Data Landscape. Building Services. Red Flags in Interviews. AutoML. [DSR #145]

DSR #144: Summer Break!

The State of AI. Data Engineering @ Airbnb. Agile Analytics. SQL Window Functions. [DSR #143]

Top 10 Papers from CVPR. Uber Eats. Data Warehouse Comparisons. [DSR #142]

Optimization @ Stitch Fix. Bias-Variance Tradeoff. Facebook's DensePose. [DSR #141]

Embedded ML. Trustworthy Analysis. ML @ Twitter. Snowflake & BigQuery. [DSR #140]

AI Principles at Google. Academic Data Sharing. 8 Python Concepts You May Have Forgotten. [DSR #139]

Internet Trends. Data Warehouse SLAs. Training Data. [DSR #138]

Agile Analytics. GDPR. Netflix Interview Questions. 10 Reasons Enterprises Suck at Data. [DSR #137]

20 Questions. AI and Compute. Reporting is a Gateway Drug. [DSR #136]

Google Duplex. Data Privacy in Analytics. Team Names @ Lyft. Scientific Debt [DSR #135]

50 Useful ML APIs. Airflow x 2. Command line tips. Sergey's Thoughts on AI. [DSR #134]

ML's Jet Age. 100 Billion Events / Day. Qualitative Research. Evaluating your Models. [DSR #133]

Managing a Data Science Team. Python in Shiny. The Fall of RNN and LSTM. [DSR #132]

Experimentation at DoorDash. Data Tooling. Kubernetes. Deep learning on Spark? [DSR #131]

Junior Analyst >> Senior Analyst. Optimizing hyper-parameters. Programming ML. GPUs in Databases. [DSR #130]

Getting Hired. More Books! Data Governance. Big-O Complexity. [DSR #129]

Five Books. Gender Shades. Deploying Cloud Infrastructure. Top AI Grad Programs. [DSR #128]

Evolving ML Models. Scaling Kubernetes. Markov Chains. Similar Item Search at Airbnb. [DSR #127]

Cloud Notebooks. Uber's Queryparser. Interpretability Research. [DSR #126]

Data Engineering. JupyterLab. Two Great Stitch Fix Posts. Neural Networks + Ethereum? [DSR #125]

Pipeline Debt. Dashboard Design and Font Choices. Cloud GPU Benchmarks. [DSR #124]

Deep Learning in a Spreadsheet. Jobs! Data viz. The Spark Optimizer. [DSR #123]

Pizza. Clustering algorithms. An Overview of Cloud ML Options. Regularization. [DSR #122]

Mastering New Skills. AI Fund. Matrix Calculus. Platform Releases Win Oscars. [DSR #121]

Common-Sense Baselines. Hawaii. Data Engineering. Getting Hired. Predicting Churn. [DSR #120]

Building an Analytics Team. Wildfires. Spiking Neural Networks (?!?) [DSR #119]

ML @ Facebook. AI Year in Review. Structuring the data team @ Coursera. Feature Engineering. [DSR #118]