Sitemap - 2022 - The Analytics Engineering Roundup

Let's Talk about ChatGPT

Ep 36: Minimum Viable Experimentation (w/ Sean Taylor + Vijaye Raji)

This post is not about ChatGPT

The one where I take issue with the title "data scientist"

Ep 35: The Data Generalist's Vision Quest (LIVE w/ Stephen Bailey)

On Measuring: Company Metrics, Team KPIs, and OKRs

The Data Diaspora.

Ep 34: Why you’ll need data contracts (w/ Chad Sanderson + Prukalpa Sankar)

Why data products are critical for business efficiency

Digesting Coalesce 2022. Cloud 2.0.

Ep 33: How does data drive growth in practice? (w/ Abhi Sivasailam)

Build or Buy? Data driven feature backlog. Risk based thinking.

The speed of analytics

Breakthrough moments of insight. The metadata quilt. A funeral for a friend.

Table change history + incremental models = ❤️. Working fast AND working right.

Contracts have Consequences.

Complexity: the new analytics frontier

How does column encoding work?

Data lineage layers. Collaborative analytics. Over-engineering data products.

Coalesce. Data Contracts. The Semantic Layer.

Why it's hard to ask "good" questions

In Search of New Standards

What we talk about when we talk about data practitioners

Data Activation. Counting Users. Orchestration.

Ep 32: Katie Bauer: Data Scientists are not Pizza

I Was Wrong About Data Science

Ep 31: Data activation everywhere (w/ Julie Beynon of Clearbit)

Interfaces and Breaking Stuff

Analytics isn't for analysts

dbt is learning to ❤️ software engineers

Ep 30: The Personal Data Warehouse (w/ Jordan Tigani of MotherDuck)

Down With Experimentation Maximalism!

Ep 29: Making Sense of the Last 2 years in Data (w/ Jennifer Li + Matt Bornstein of a16z)

Four frameworks for self-service analytics

A Re-examination of the "Data Consumer"

Ep 28: Building an Open Source Company (w/ Aaron Katz of ClickHouse)

We need to talk about the data analyst

Avoiding Traps

Ep 27: "To Move, or Not to Move" (Data). That is the Question.

Constraints-driven data team design

The response you deserve!

Everpresent metadata. Thin semantic layers. Accessible data.

Ep 26: What’s the role of AI in BI?

Data modeling for collaboration

Bring Back Scenario Analysis!

Ep 25: Automating Away your Work w/ Configuration-as-Code (w/ Sarah Krasnik)

Data teams: embedded or centralized? Reactive or self-directed?

Macroeconomics and the data industry

Ep 24: The Hard Problems™️ of Data Observability w/ Kevin Hu (Metaplane)

Come write with me

Keep Data Council Weird

Ep 23: The Bundling vs Unbundling Debate

The perfect north star metric

Code and No-Code: Having it Both Ways

Ep 22: One Database to Rule All Workloads?

Two types of power

Disjointed Lineage...

The Analytics Engineering Podcast: Season 2

Ep 21: Ashley Sherwood (AE @ Hubspot) on Permissionless Innovation for Data Teams

Would you like your data stack bundled or unbundled?

HTAP Databases

The 5 principles of self-service analytics

The Data Platform Data Platform

Human interfaces

Adopting a truth-seeking stance.

R.I.P. Data Engineering? The entity layer